Greg Quinn

Chief Financial Officer


Greg was appointed CFO of CPC in January 2021, having been promoted from Financial Controller, a position he has held since 2018.  As CFO he has used his extensive experience in successfully managing finance functions through periods of corporate change and his commitment to good governance, particularly in overseeing key asset sales and the overall sale and integration of the company in October 2020.​

Greg is highly regarded for being a considered decision maker, combining innovation, analysis and financial prudence in developing solutions to successfully support an organisation’s strategy.  One of the key pillars of his current role, and one in which he has industry leadership, is through the increased use of technology in the financial operations of the business, enhancing the efficiency of financial reporting, from station level management right through to corporate headquarters.​

Greg joined CPC from WellDog Australia, a US based resources technology company where he was Finance Director and Financial Controller. Throughout his career, Greg has developed extensive credentials managing the finance functions and reporting for a number of leading international oil and gas, energy and trading companies, by embracing innovation and adaptability, resulting in increased stability and growth through periods of challenge and change.  Prior to WellDog, he was Finance and Accounting Manager for Arcadia Energy, a diversified international energy trading and supply company, where he managed the finance, accounting and treasury functions across the various business units, and built significant expertise in M&A and corporate activity, including leading the sale of their LPG business in 2015.  Prior to that he managed reporting and financial analysis for Rio Tinto Coal Australia and worked as a financial accountant for Rio Tinto Australia.  ​

Greg is an experienced company director in Australia and internationally. He brings a solid understanding of and discipline in corporate governance, reporting and shareholder engagement, particularly within geographically disparate businesses. At CPC, Greg liaises directly with the Board of Directors, is a Director of both the Australian and Indonesian operational entities and works closely with key shareholders to manage finance in support of the corporate strategy.  At WellDog he held responsibility for the entity’s overall finance function for more than five years, reporting directly to its US based Board, and at Arcadia he reported directly to the Board.  Greg is highly regarded for his ability to provide sound operational advice, grounded in analysis and experience of governance in marshalling broad stakeholder support. ​

Greg’s experience working with geographically disparate businesses, means he is well versed in successfully integrating and managing businesses with remote operational teams and diverse international stakeholders. ​

Greg’s passion for the agricultural and pastoral sectors is fuelled by his lifelong interest in and love of open space and the land.  His career has historically been involved with companies that extract from the land. At CPC he has enjoyed the opportunity to work with deeply experienced land managers who nurture the land, which holds great interest, and he is drawn to the straightforward culture of the business.  A committed manager and strong communicator, Greg is adept at building communities within the companies he works for, fostering the development of his teams and nurturing a culture of respect.​

Greg is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand and has a Bachelor degree in Business, majoring in Economics and Accounting.