Protecting Important Riparian Systems

The Mitchell and Walsh Rivers flow through CPC’s Wrotham Park Station. The Walsh River flows into the Mitchell which in turn flows into the Gulf of Carpentaria. These rivers and their associated riparian zones are important for both the biodiversity and agricultural production across the whole region.

Historically, erosion control has been a significant issue in this area. To counter this, CPC is part way through the process of fencing off the banks of these rivers on the Wrotham Park aggregation. Erecting fencing along the river banks prevents the unmanaged access of cattle to these areas, thereby enabling us to better manage and control grazing. This means that over time ground cover will increase and erosion impacts on the rivers will be reduced. To date, CPC has erected approximately 30 Km on the Walsh River, and 20 Km have been erected along the Mitchell River. This forms part of our overall environmental management planning on Wrotham Park. These activities mean that in the long term the biodiversity value of these systems will be maintained and we will be better able to manage these areas for all of their values.