William Bulo


William first joined Juang Jaya Abdi Alam (JJAA) in April 2007 as a Financial Analyst and was recently promoted to General Manager after many years of hard work.  He manages two feedlots in Lampung and Medan and ensures both facilities operate efficiently, delivering high quality product.

Throughout his career, he has been responsible for all aspects in a feedlot’s supply chain, from the feasibility study, set up of new feedlots, purchased inventories, managing of production activities, and delivering product to market.

As the largest single employer in the sub-district of 58,000 people, he is very aware of the importance of his role in sustaining the communities and villages in which CPC operates. In 2017 he was awarded The People Developer Award by CPC.

William’s approach to ESG is deeply ingrained, particularly with regard to Food Security and Animal Welfare. He regularly engages with the Indonesian Government on agriculture policy and the issue of food security. Prior to being appointed General Manager, William was Chief Operational Officer of PT JJAA’s sister company for 4 years, during which time he oversaw operations and managed the supply chain. It was during this time he developed deep experience and understanding of animal welfare issues which he currently actively manages along with a team of 24 dedicated people.​

Under William’s guidance, PT JJAA has several CSR programmes including providing clean water facilities in each of its surrounding villages, building infrastructure (road and bridge), scholarship programmes, providing financial assistance to the development of surrounding villages, cattle breeding program with hundreds of local farmers, and supplying compost fertilizer for the neighbouring farmers.​

William is a Chartered Accountant in Indonesia and holds a Magister of Economic Development and Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Accounting both from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.​