Ideally situated half way between Nockatunga and Newcastle Waters, Mimong is a year round hive of activity in its role as a growing out property and stopover depot for cattle travelling to or from the Territory. Hilton Downs was acquired in 2010 and is operated as part of the Mimong aggregation which now covers an area of 79,970ha.

The weaners steers - some as young as three months - come in drafts of 1,000 from the Northern Territory properties to be grown out on Mimong's Mitchell and Flinders grass downs.

Receiving an average annual rainfall of 360 mm, the property can carry 9,600 head weaners, many going on to be finished as Jap ox at Nockatunga or Isis Downs.

CPC has been very successful with a breeding programme putting Charolais bulls over Brahman females on their Northern properties. A Charolais stud has been formed on Mimong to supply acclimatised bulls for these properties.