Ucharonidge Station was purchased by CPC in August 2008.

Bought for its similarity to Newcastle Waters and it’s location, this 245,550ha property adjoins Newcastle Waters station to the South and is used as a breeder block with seasonal opportunistic fattening. Predominantly open down country, Ucharonidge also has a mix of bluebush swamps in the south and scattered areas of spinifex and lancewood.

It can run approximately 15,700 head and is operated in conjunction with Newcastle Waters and Dungowan stations.



Des & Emilie Carey
Ucharonidge Station Managers
Joined CPC in

Des joined CPC early in 2017 as Assistant Manager at Newcastle Waters.
Des had previously worked for CPC at Auvergne as Leading Hand in 2002 - 2003 and Bunda/Kirkimbie as Head Stockman for 3 seasons covering 2003-2005. Emilie is well experienced in station life having started in the stock camp on Camfield Station in 2003, moving to Bunda stock camp in 2005.
Des and Emilie took on the Station Management role at Ucharonidge in early 2018. Their two young daughters attend the school of the air from the Station.